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Year Round Programs

Traveling Film School

Be one of the first to attend Elite Film School’s Traveling Film School when it comes to your town.  Can’t make it to Los Angeles.  Now you can learn to make movies, like they do in Hollywood…  This is an excellent way to find out if you want your dream to become a reality, before leaving for the big city.  Call today to find out when we will be in your town.

Can’t wait…  Call today and request us to come to your city.


The 2 Week Film School

Whether you are planning to come to Los Angeles for a vacation or just for this unique experience, you won’t leave LA empty handed.


The 3 Month Film School

Give us three months to become a filmmaker!  Really?

You will have the opportunity to learn the art of what it means to be a filmmaker.  You  will learn the basics in Screenwriting, Producing, Directing, Cinematography and Editing.  With our unique hands-on approach; you will not only learn to be a multi-facited filmmaker, but you will find out what it really takes to make a movie that will get the distributor interested in your films.  Your time starts…  NOW!

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