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The 5-Month Certificate Filmmaking Program

Do you want to come to Los Angeles to live and see if being a filmmaker is what you really want to do for a living?

Then you should enroll in The 5-Month Certificate Filmmaking Program!

The 5-Month Certificate Filmmaking Program is designed to teach you how to make movies by making movies with you.

You will have the opportunity to write scripts for a specific market, cast it, shoot it and edit it.

If you finish the program, you can take home 5 to 7 short movies on DVD or if you like you can upload them to facebook or youtube.

In this program you will be taught the following:

  • Writing movies for specific markets
  • Breaking down the script from a directors point of view
  • Identifying and understanding shot sizes
  • Breaking down the script from a camera operators point of view
  • Creating a shot list
  • The basics in practical lighting
  • The basics in understanding & operating HD Cameras
  • Shooting the scene
  • Editing with Appleā€™s Final Cut Pro

The Program meets three times a week for 6 hours each day the program is only $500.00, per month, plus a lab fee of $500.00.

$3,000.00 total.


APPLY NOW This program BEGINS ON September 1, 2014.

Contact an admissions counselor for more details, 213-373-4564

Below is an example of a feature film that was made with Elite Film School’s help.

Elite Film School is in Los Angeles, California also known as HOLLYWOOD.

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