Elite Film School Testimonials

I have been involved in theater ever since I was in grade school, more then 50 years ago and I have always wanted to make my movie.  I thought that this was impossible until and found the Elite Film School website.

My family and I took the private filmmaking Program that Elite Film School offers because it is affordable, the whole process was fun and informative. The instructors really cared about helping me and my family become a success, they helped me decide what market to make the movie for, come up with a concept, story line, they taught me how to write a script, taught me how to hold auditions, direct, produce, light, shoot, operate a camera and edit with Final Cut Pro. Elite Film School helped me make my dreams of making a feature film come true!

It was worth every penny.

Rene R.

-Ontario, CA.

I am semi retired realtor and it has always been dream to make movies, I fulfilled that dream at Elite Film School.

Amazing experience, it was something that I will never forget.

Paul S.

Geneva, Switzerland

I saved up my money and moved to California with Stars in my eyes, when I got to Los Angeles, I started applying for jobs, that wanted to see my reel, I soon realized that I needed to know what was doing before I would ever get hired. I looked into film schools and I realized that they were very expensive and that there were a lot of other people who were graduating from those schools. I almost enrolled in a School that charged $50,000.00 a year just for tuition, until I found Elite Film School.

I spoke with them about my needs and they recommended Private Filmmaking Classes.

They taught me how to write, direct, produce, shoot and edit. I created my first short film with them, which got me my first job in Hollywood. I am saving up my money to take a longer class.

The instructors at Elite Film School are amazing they are extremely knowledgeable and they really care about you.

Scott M.

-Flagstaff Az.

Elite Film School is in Los Angeles, California.


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